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Price development and regulation of imported crushing hammer

The main precision part of the imported crusher lies in the hammer cylinder, and most of the important parts are in this position. Therefore, the high price of the imported crusher is due to the good performance of the core technology, while the quality of the hammer core produced in China is slightly inferior to that of foreign countries.

2010 is the best year for China's machinery industry after entering the industrial era: high growth, low inflation and high profitability. The sales volume of construction machinery and machine tool industry related to domestic fixed asset investment has reached a record high, and the emerging strategic industry rail transit equipment industry has made continuous breakthroughs. At the same time, the acquisition of more than 50% of the machinery industry, especially the further expansion of the machinery industry. At the same time of economic recovery, the crowding out effect of expansionary fiscal policy has begun to appear. Loose monetary policy has also boosted the asset price bubble excavator hammer to some extent.

In the early stage of the 12th Five Year Plan period, it is necessary to ensure that the key projects under construction and continued construction of the country to expand domestic demand are completed smoothly and bring into full play the benefits. According to the historical characteristics, the fixed asset investment in the opening year of the "Five Year Plan" is generally relatively high, so it is estimated that the fixed asset investment in 2011 will grow by about 20%. Tightening liquidity can curb commodity price speculation. The increase of interest rate increases the financing cost of enterprises and inhibits investment, but the impact of interest rate increase on the profit of machinery industry is relatively small and lags behind. The contraction of liquidity inhibits the rapid growth of aggregate demand, but the sharp economic brake similar to 2004 is unlikely to happen again.

The crushing hammer parts manufacturing industry benefits from the transformation of economic structure and will win the index. The industry development and policy regulation are the debate of space and rhythm. Under the background of globalization, we are optimistic about the development trend of high-end energy, mining equipment and urban transportation equipment in the long-term. However, the short-term tightening of liquidity, the growth rate of machinery industry will slow down. Next year, the global economy will recover, the prices of raw materials will rise slightly, and the profit level of the machinery industry will decline slightly next year. The super high growth similar to that in 2010 cannot be sustained.

Layout the internationalization strategy of high-end equipment manufacturing industry.

Develop the new economy, accelerate the upgrading of equipment manufacturing industry, benefit from nuclear power equipment, excavator crushing hammer, rail transit equipment and environmental protection equipment. In the next 10 years, we will focus on the development of seven strategic emerging industries. By 2015, the basic pattern of healthy development and coordinated promotion of strategic emerging industries will be formed, and the role of promoting the upgrading of industrial structure will be significantly enhanced. The proportion of added value in GDP will strive to reach about 8%. By 2020, the proportion of added value of strategic emerging industries in GDP will reach about 15%. We believe that in the era of new economy and low-carbon economy, energy-saving and environmental protection technology is widely used in the machinery industry to promote the upgrading of equipment manufacturing industry. It is estimated that the total investment in China's nuclear power market in the next 10 years will reach 980 billion yuan, with an average annual investment of 100 billion yuan. It is estimated that the investment in nuclear power from 2010 to 2012 will be 68.7, 125.2 and 164.4 billion yuan, with an annual compound growth rate of 70%. The demand for nuclear power equipment and parts will maintain a high growth. In terms of offshore engineering, there is a big gap between China and South Korea, Brazil and Singapore in terms of design and manufacturing. Deep sea exploration has become the trend of global energy exploration. China's investment in offshore engineering will double during the 12th Five Year Plan period.

With the deepening of urbanization, investment is the guide of consumption, and construction machinery and rail transit equipment benefit. "Twelfth Five Year Plan" puts forward: "promote regional coordinated development, actively and steadily promote urbanization". In 2010, the start-up of crushing hammer production plant in western development exceeded expectations. The investment and equipment demand of western provinces such as Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang and Sichuan contributed greatly to 2010. We believe that urbanization and consumption upgrading are inseparable from infrastructure. In the long run, in the trend of urbanization, the supply of real estate should grow steadily. As a form of easing social contradictions, the essence of affordable housing is huge housing demand.

The international strategic layout of China's high-end equipment manufacturing industry has begun, and the construction machinery industry has taken the lead in layout. Although the output of some low-end mechanical products has ranked first in the world due to labor and environmental protection costs, in fact, the internationalization strategy of China's equipment manufacturing industry has just begun, and the financial crisis has hit China's exports greatly, but the financial crisis has also reduced the cost of China's international strategy, and mergers and acquisitions have begun to increase. The equipment manufacturing industry is expected to become one of the competitive industries in China, and the construction machinery, railway equipment and other industries are expected to dominate the world, which will change the global competitive pattern of the equipment manufacturing industry. Of course, it depends on the internationalization strategy of China's equipment manufacturing enterprises. In the short term, under the keynote of policy regulation and control, the growth rate of construction machinery industry has slowed down, and the market is mainly volatile; the catalyst for the blue chip start of railway equipment is the bidding of the Ministry of railways; energy equipment is a large category, including oil mining equipment, nuclear power equipment and coal mining equipment. The global economic recovery and energy price rise are the forward-looking indicators of the market.

If the price is high, it is OK to choose a good brand crusher. If the capital is limited, it is OK to choose a domestic crusher. However, the after-sales service should be improved.

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